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From 2016

Q. When will I attempt the weekly games/tasks in my pub/club?

A. On the night/s of the week decided by your licensee. Game 1 takes place in week 1, through to Game 12 in week 12.

Q. What happens if players’ scores are tied on the night?

A. Each player throws for the bull and the closest receives the highest pub points.

Q. How do I qualify for the National Redtooth Darts Final?

A. There are 4 seasons per year.  At the end of each season, if you win, or finish 2nd in your pub league, OR finish 3rd6th in the league and win the play-off knockout, you will qualify for the National Final.


Q. Where is the National Redtooth Darts Final taking place?

A. In Sheffield in November/December each year.


Q. Who qualifies for the National Redtooth Darts Final from our pub?

A. The top two players in every pub and the winner of the play-off between players positioned 3rd6th each season.


Q. Are there cash prizes to be won at the National Redtooth Darts Final?

A. Yes, there is a prize pool of £2000.

Q. What is the format for the National Final?

A. Depending on numbers, It will be a knockout or round robin and then knockout format.