Scotland Regional Final – 23rd Feb 2014

The presentation started the event with certificates and trophies being awarded to pub winners.

The draw was made and matches started.

Eagle Coaching Inn, Dundee, duo Fred Thompson & Joe Lynch and Paul Burrows & Scott Parry from Riley’s Edinburgh were in the semi-finals and had once again made it to the National Finals.

Congratulations to all 4 players

The first semi was to be tasty.  Last 16 placed at the 2013 National Finals, Riley’s champion, Paul and Eagle Coaching Inn, Joe, were up first.

Paul winning the bull to kick off but a poor start for Paul saw Joe take the first leg.  Joe once again shows his talent and starts off with a 180, Paul throwing great darts in the leg with a  100 & 125 but not strong enough as Joe hits 2x 100 to storm into a 0-2 lead.  Paul sees himself get 2 legs with some great darts and levels the game 2-2.

Joe starts off steady with 2 x 100, then Paul gets a bad bounce out at the wrong time, to see Joe go one leg away from the Final 2-3.  Not giving up Paul hits a 180 to storm into the lead and levels the game once more at  3-3.   No mistakes now from Joe as he shoots off like a rocket 100, 125 & 131 to see him into the Final 3-4.

Second Semi was underway with Riley’s Scott Parry up against Eagle Coaching Inn Fred Thompson.

Scott gets things under way with a good strong leg of dart,s including a 60 and 119, to see him go 1-0.

Fred gets the ball rolling with a good 17 dart leg 60, 85 &100 to get the game leveled up 1-1

Fred storms ahead in the 3rd leg  then unfortunately misses the big 18 giving Scott the opportunity to steal the leg and go 2-1 ahead.  Scott ceases his opportunity and wins the next 2 legs on the bounce to see him into the Grand Final.

Eagle Coaching Inn (Joe) V Riley’s Edinburgh (Scott)

The Grand Final:

Joe gets the final underway with a good steady 17 dart leg with a 81, 81, 140 & 85    1-0 Joe.

Scott is very unlucky with a lot of darts around the sweet spot, but it’s not to be, as Joe keeps his great form running and storms into a comfortable lead going 4 legs to nil in the final.

Scott gets his head on and plays the game as he can with a great 100 & 140 get’s him to 4-1.

Scott hits 100, 83, 100 to put him ahead, but Joe keeps scoring consistently and wins the final leg of the game 5-1

A massive well done to Eagle Coaching Joe Lynch, and a well done to all the guys who attended the Regional Final. Best of luck at National Final.


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