Scotland Regional Final 2.2

After a small presentation Scotland’s Regional Final got underway.

A few hours went by and after the round robin stages the final 8 had emerged and the draw was looking very strong with a good field of players,

Best of 7 legs
Ralph Hirst 1v4 Malcolm McCaig
Colin Kelly 4v1 David Broadfoot
Jason Kirkland 4v2 Grant Robertson
Chris Kirkcaldy 4v1 Alec Harkin

Semi final matches were starting to heat up after some great darts thrown
Best of 7 legs
After a couple of missed doubles from the Star Hotel man Malcolm McCaig, Colin Kelly punished him showing real class and storming to a 4-0 win
Second semi final saw Star Hotel Jason Kirkland show great composure over The Eagle Coaching Inn star Chris Kirkcaldy in a great fighting match. Jason see’s his way to the final with a 4-2 win over Chris

After a small break spectators and players were ready for the final match of the day

Colin Kelly V Jason Kirkland

Colin wins the bull to start the match and with no pressure starts pampering the TREBLE 20. Jason looks under par as Colin see’s his way to victory over Jason with a 4-0 win

Well done Colin Kelly (The Paraffin Lamp) Champion
Great darts thrown all day by everyone.


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