Paul Amos Reports…..

Well what can I say, my two year tour card on the PDC Circuit is almost up and unfortunately it looks like I will have to attend Qschool in January.   I’ve loved every minute on the tour, even the downs that hopefully will make me a better player, but the ups outweigh the downs by miles.   

Getting to play the people you have looked up to in darts and have admired for many years is a dream come true.  This would not have been possible without the support and sponsorship from Redtooth Darts, for which I’m extremely grateful.

Some of the highlights I’ve had are beating players such as Gary Anderson, Dave Chisnal, Peter Wright and former world champions John Part , Mark Webster and Richie Burnet.  Also, having the chance of travelling to Germany twice, Gibraltar, and Ireland 3 times. 

Only low…. having to go back to Qschool, because how can you not enjoy all of it playing against these players.  

Hopefully come January I will regain my tour card and continue this amazing journey with Redtooth Darts.


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